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  • Middle East companiesDatum19.04.2024 17:59
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    Prior to registering a company, make sure you are fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each option in the Middle East and nearby islands, such as Bahrain and Socotra (Yemen). Bahrain is currently flourishing as one of the most prosperous countries in the Middle East, offering international entrepreneurs and investors a receptive environment for setting up a business. For a foreign company in Bahrain, it is possible to incorporate a limited liability company (LLC), a partnership company or a branch of a foreign company. Qatar has many foreign companies operating within its borders, mostly in the oil, mining and engineering industries. However, Qatar is supportive of all foreign companies willing to invest and operate in its territory.

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    Order one of the provided Estonian individual support or wealth management services and we shall provide you a custom, tailor-made solution. Confidus Solutions, collaborates with a number of professionals from different industries, develops an efficient strategy and creates a unique solution designed for each customer specifically. Once the communication is established, you will receive a list of documents and information required to proceed.

    Support & legal services in Estonia
    Confidus Solutions employs a wide range of experts in different fields: lawyers, real estate experts, bank agents, accountants, tax consultants, and other professionals. Our company's representatives have vast experience dealing with individual clients, providing wealth management, personal tax planning, due diligence as well as transaction assistance services. Confidus individual services can provide you tailor-made solutions in Estonia.

  • Agriculture of Saudi ArabiaDatum24.06.2023 14:08
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    There are 37835 km² of cultivated land in Saudi Arabia, and it comprises 2% of the country's total territory. In Saudi Arabia, permanent crops occupy 1935 km² of the land. This comprises 0% of the country's total territory. There are 35900 km² of arable land in Saudi Arabia. and it comprises 2% of the country's total territory. 7% of the population are working in agriculture. There are around 9500 tractors in use in the country.

  • Shelf company catalogueDatum14.04.2023 11:48
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    We can offer you different shelf companies, depending on your needs and requirements. Most of our companies are a tailor-made package offer, which often does include VAT number, bank account and nominees. However, we may provide a company without any of the extras mentioned above as well.

    Usually shelf company acquisition can be done remotely within several days, which gives it a few advantages over new incorporation. However, if you are looking for a certain business structure (holding structure, IP structure) – it is highly recommended to contact our lawyers prior to proceeding with company acquisition. Please see full catalogue of our offered companies below.

  • Shelf company acquisitionDatum23.01.2023 13:11
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    A shelf company, sometimes also called shelf or legacy company, is a company that was founded some time ago but was not operational, i.e. was put on hold. While a ready-made society has similar characteristics, the main difference between the two is that the ready-made society has only recently been registered as opposed to a shelf society.

    Shelf companies are generally divided into two categories: a new shelf company or a legacy company:

    Buying a new shelf company gives you the guarantee that this company has not traded, is debt free and has a complete history. The investor can be sure that business operations can be started without any administrative or financial hassles that could have arisen prior to the purchase. As a rule, these companies were founded in the past only for the purpose of later selling them as ready-made companies. In this case, the seller can provide a certificate confirming that no trade has taken place and the company is free of business debts and liabilities;
    Acquiring an aging shelf company provides you with a previously active company with its trading history and potential liabilities. Therefore, it is important to get a letter from the seller confirming that all pre-acquisition obligations – including debts – lie with the seller and not the buyer. Aged shelf companies are preferred for commercial and branding purposes.
    Advantages of a shelf company acquisition
    The new shareholders can reap various advantages by choosing to acquire an established company rather than create a new one. Below are the most common benefits:

    Often also possible from a distance - in principle, the acquisition of a finished company from abroad is also permissible - the shareholders do not have to personally participate in the acquisition process. In this case, the buyer will receive a sample power of attorney by e-mail, which must be signed, notarized and sent back by post. With the power of attorney granted by the power of attorney, new shareholders of the company are registered and all company documents are sent to the buyer by mail. After that, the bank account can also be opened remotely. This procedure may vary by country and service provider;
    Less Time-Consuming – One of the key benefits, among other benefits, is the ability to save time by acquiring a ready-made company. While the average time it takes to start a new business varies greatly from country to country, the average time to start a business was nearly 21 days in 2016, according to the World Bank. The acquisition process is considered to be simple and straight forward. The company can start operations immediately. In addition, all service providers will advise on any uncertainties and facilitate the acquisition process;
    Can be purchased as a complete package - one of the reasons why acquiring a ready-made business is less time-consuming is the fact that the buyer can purchase a fully registered business with a VAT and registration number, specifically licenses if needed, and even a bank account . In addition, the new owner usually receives all the documents and tax returns that were filed with the office before the purchase. Although acquiring a shelf company will cost more than starting a new business, this option can actually be less expensive when you factor in the time savings and the ability to start making money almost immediately.

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    The limited liability company (LLC) is the most common legal form for companies in Germany. This legal form is often used by international companies that have decided to set up a subsidiary in Germany; local entrepreneurs also choose this legal form for their small and medium-sized businesses. It combines relatively few obligations with high flexibility to be set up in any economic sector. The limited liability company is subject to corporation tax, trade tax and the solidarity surcharge. The minimum share capital for LLC is EUR 25,000, with a minimum of EUR 12,500 proven in the bank account at the time of company registration. As the name of this legal form suggests, shareholders are only liable with the capital they have brought in and do not risk their personal assets.

    An LLC is usually managed and legally represented by the directors of the company. In the case of a GmbH, at least one managing director must be appointed, who does not have to be a shareholder in the company or a resident of Germany. Typically, shareholders can exert direct influence on the company by issuing binding instructions to the managing director. Before you decide whether LLC is the most suitable legal form for your company, you should keep in mind that this type of company shares cannot be publicly offered for sale. Meanwhile, the administrative and financial controls are less stringent compared to public companies.

    Mini GmbH
    Another very similar legal form for companies is called a mini-GmbH, which is essentially the same as the regular GmbH in terms of limited liability for shareholders and no limitations on doing business. Meanwhile, it allows entrepreneurs to contribute less capital when registering the company in Germany and therefore risk with less funds to start doing business. In fact, no minimum share capital is required at all. Instead, 25% of the profits made by the company must be placed in special reserves until the total amount of these reserves reaches EUR 25,000. In this case, the company is transformed into a regular LLC. The Mini-GmbH enables young entrepreneurs to start their business with less capital, reducing their risk and lowering the cost of capital until the business is successful and generating profits.

    German GmbH taxation
    Typically, taxes are collected and administered by the local tax office. Local tax offices are usually responsible for administering income tax, corporate income tax (CIT) and real estate transfer tax (RETT) and value added tax (VAT). While trade tax is based on corporate taxes administered by local tax offices, enforcement of trade tax is the responsibility of municipalities. German LLCs are generally subject to the taxes explained below:

    Corporate Income Tax – levied on the company's worldwide income, unless a double taxation treaty is in place. The corporate income tax rate is 15%, while corporate income tax is subject to a solidarity surcharge of 5.5%. This results in an aggregate tax rate of 15.825%;
    Trade tax – is levied by the municipality where the company is based. The standard tax rate is 3.5%, while the additional multiplier is added in the range from 200% to 500% and is determined individually by each municipality. This results in an aggregate tax rate of 7% to 17.5%.
    Both taxes are assessed annually, but companies are required to prepay corporate income tax and trade tax quarterly based on an estimated current year's tax due.

  • Buy an aged companyDatum18.10.2022 12:41
    Thema von HarryJackson im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in...

    Buy an aged shelf company from our top pick list. Below is the full catalog of aged companies that we have available for purchase. All companies on the list have undergone a full internal due diligence process to ensure proposed aged companies meet all quality standards.

    The catalog of aged companies for sale includes worldwide jurisdictions, however only certain jurisdictions can offer real aged companies. All aged companies are listed by several values – country of incorporation, business type, number of shareholders, confidentiality level, age of the company, number of shares, capital and other relevant criteria.

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